ObfuscatedEmpire - Use an obfuscated, in-memory PowerShell C2 channel to evade AV signatures

ObfuscatedEmpire is an integration of two fantastic projects, Invoke-Obfuscation and Empire. If you aren’t already familiar with those projects, you really should go check them out first. But here’s a quick summary for those who are unfamiliar:

  • Empire is a PowerShell post-exploitation agent. It’s a powerful tool for attackers as it allows for a C2 channel to be run completely in-memory, without any malicious code touching disk, rendering traditional AV techniques ineffective.
  • Invoke-Obfuscation is a PowerShell script obfuscator. As the use of in-memory PowerShell malware has grown, implementation of in-memory AV scanning of PowerShell scripts has begun. Invoke-Obfuscation challenges all assumptions these in-memory PowerShell AV signatures have been making.
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